Jane Yang


Chinese American

In terms of your AAPI identity, has there been a single event that has led you to identify with it? Or is it something you’ve always felt that is part of your identity?

I mean I’ve always been Chinese-American. That was never something I questioned. I never felt like I wasn’t Chinese or American. I mean, there has been moments where I wasn’t exactly happy with it, but at the end of the day, that’s just how I identified myself and I’ve learned to become proud of it.

Has there been a time where you’ve doubted your identity? Has it ever hindered or affected you in any way?

Every identity is going to come with its ups and downs. For me, being Chinese-American is weird because sometimes I think people just look at me and think, “oh she’s like Asian” or “She’s just part of an Asian group”. I feel like like I can’t hang out with my friends who are East Asians or Southeast Asians or any Asians without being neatly categorized into “hanging out with Asian people”. If I’m hanging out with people who are White or Black and don’t look Asian, it seems like, “oh it’s just a girl with her group of friends”, but if I’m with my friends who look Asian and East Asian, then I’m “with Asian people”.

What has been your favorite memory of Georgetown thus far?

It’s so hard to choose. I’ve only been here for three months. I don’t know. I think there was this one day when I just felt that I was maybe being really hard on myself. I had been having a really rough day. And all of a sudden, all of these friends just like started coming to my room and we all like hung out and talked for a really long time. We had a lot of fun together, and it was one of those moments where I know there are people here at this school who I can hit up whenever. Like, “look, I’m not feeling it today, do you wanna come to my room and hang out?” That was really nice.

Full Interview on Tumblr: http://bit.ly/1IyCvSS

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