Kevin Perez

Kevin Perez

Tell us a little bit about your home, and your identity.

I grew up in a Filipino family. Both my parents and grandparents are 100% Filipino, so I identify as full Filipino. Back home, it was very family-oriented. Here, it’s been switched to all friends since I’m thousands of miles away from home. (How do you feel about your Asian identity? How has it shaped you and how has it affected your time at Georgetown?) I’m thinking back to Psychology class, where they talked about how Eastern countries are more community and family-oriented, and I think that’s what made me start focusing on serving others, rather than thinking of ambitions of my own. My ambitions became serving others. So at Georgetown, I feel like I’m at the perfect environment. It clicked immediately, especially since I’m in the SFS. (What are you studying?) Right now, International Politics. It’s looking like I’m going to stay there. I started taking some Econ classes, and I don’t think I’m going to consider International Economics anymore haha.

What is your favorite memory at Georgetown?

I think it’s the first time I stepped foot on campus. You walked through the front gates, and you see Healy. It’s a beautiful day as you’re walking around campus in the Summer. The sun shines behind Healy against the beautiful blue sky…It’s something I will always remember. It always comes back to me, especially on those days when I’m just tired from school. When I leave my last class in Walsh, I’m walking back to Harbin and I remember that memory again, and I always find my mood immediately lifted. Maybe it will be replaced, since it’s only been three months. As of now, that’s my favorite memory at Georgetown.

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